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I need VAs for a thing. If you feel like you can help with things, feel free to record n send me some lines. Dropbox them or whatever. Woo. Anyways, these are little sampley line things for each character in here. Most of these are little parts, so it's not much.

Ourous: Male, 30ish, really like 200, but whatever, really posh and higher-than-thou
"Ahem, anywho, Lady Sarie is rather notorious for her... eccentricity. There are of course other seers that could have delivered the message. Given the fact that she's a death seer, I'd say this is more of an ill omen than anything."

Dekker: Male, 24, easily excited, pretty nuts, enjoys explosives
"So, we get rid of the woman with the letter, right?"

Matthew K. Lawrence: Male, 27, higher-pitchedish voice, sounds pretty "standard American"
"No. Not here, anyways. And hey, I think it could be interesting! Go with the mystery chick with a letter, and uh, no core. Whateverthehell that means. You've got extra pages in those silly books of yours, right? Write down what you learn. Could be fun for all of us."

Heplek - Kiwi's character, so the voice is actually kinda up to her.
"Please don't be loud! Please don't!"


Wren Sheppard
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United States
I'm actually much friendlier than I tend to draw myself. I dabble in many things, and may get some buttons and Perler art on here soon. Hey, if anyone feels like arting a webcomic, I've got a lot of stuff I need help with. Gots some carpal tunnel.

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geck0gir1 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i love your characters!
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